Helmut Busch Katalog Catalog

The catalog

Published on the occasion of the exhibition "Achtern Busch" 2016 in the Gallery Wallerie in Bremen and the estate curation of the artist

Helmut Busch Katalog Innenseite

The catalog

The catalog includes 21 selected works, sketches and texts from the years 1941 – 1978
Price 45€

Skizze, Katalog Busch Innen, catalog


for the watercolor paintings on Ingres paper,
November 11, 1962

Here you will find a selection of watercolor- and acrylic works by the artist

Helmut Busch left several hundred watercolor- and acrylic works as well as meticulously precise records and documentation.

This selection was made from the artist’s estate over the years 1941 – 1978.

Aquarell Nr. 315 | 43 x 61 cm


A selection of the works

Acryl Nr. 105 | 30 x 40 cm


A selection of the works